Each coaching trajectory is tailored to the workpractice combined with the level of EV knowledge of the participants, in order to achieve an optimal return of your investment.¬†Each participating department starts with the EV knowledge test, to determine the current level of knowledge. The use of the EV app’s play a crucial role in securing a solid EV foundation for all the participants.

The EV applications have as generic target;

-Increase and consolidate EV knowledge level
-Stimulating integration (transition) of EV
-Mentality improvement EV (more certainty)
-Implementation of all departments concerned (mandatory)

For your operation this means;

-All info in one place
-Sales promoting/supporting
-Always correct information
-Always correctly informed (new products and developments)
-Time saving
-Greater customer satisfaction.

A separate guidance/coaching scheme is drawn up per department, taking into account the personal EV knowledge requirement.

Thus E-Division guarantees securing existing and newly acquired knowledge.

We are your EV Division