Electric driving is in rapid acceleration

With short distances and densely populated Randstad, the Netherlands is a suitable place for the many applications of Electric driving. At the moment there are over 180,000 electric means of transpotation in the Netherlands, about 140,000 of them are Electric cars, that number will only increase in the coming years. In 2025, the Dutch government is gunning for 1 million means of transportation on Dutch roads. This ambitious objective has an aspirational effect on many initiatives and offers new opportunities for businesses and jobs.

Electric driving is an important impulse for the economy, employment and supplying industry. E-Division supports visionary entrepreneurs. We see sustainability as an opportunity for you to innovate and to tap into new markets, resulting in economic growth, environmental gains and a sustainable image.

If you want to tap into new markets, grow more and create a sustainable image, don’t hasitate to contact us.

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