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Each coaching trajectory is tailored to the workpractice combined with the level of EV knowledge of the participants, in order to achieve an optimal return. Each participating department starts with the EV knowledge test, to determine the current level of knowledge. The applications of the EV app's play a crucial role in making a solid EV foundation for all the participants.
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Propositions towards the EV market are often filled with obvious ''green'' phrases. Marketing Rhetorics frequenty  stand in the way of true innovation. E-Division knows how to streamline your ideas and proposals to the standards of the contemporary EV market. E-Division is the ideal sparrings partner to take a thorough look at your marketing promises so we can realise them together. … Read more


E-Division offers various EV trainings and workshops to optimise EV skills in the field of commerce, communication and management, and to make EV ready. By combining our EV training with the use of the EV or EV training APP, the desired mix can be achieved between the... Read more

EV Municipalities

  Working with municipalities requires a large set of non-commercial skills, social importance plays a major role . Because the EV App is independent and has no commercial interest, this application lends itself as an exceptional info- and navigationtool for all stakeholders and residents of a municipality.
Realising CSR (Corporate social responsibility)  objectives is often a complicated and relatively slow process... Read more



Charging infrastructure, charging facilities, charging points, Subsidies, loading passes, charging stations, installation , placement, maintenance, electric car, electric scooter, electric bike, full electric, Range Extender, Plug-in hybrid, action Radius and Range or Sales Anxiety.
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EV Presentations


To excel in a fast and complex market like the EV market with its legislations, changing technologies, niches and other submarkets, capturing the right information is crucial. CSR targets are under pressure and quickly become obsolete. In order to keep you and your customers well-prepared, E-Division offers different types of presentations, suitable for both Automotive, Professionals and their customers.... Read more

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E-Division is a consultancy company that specialises in setting up and monitoring all EV activities within a (Dealer) organization or municipality, our focus is on taking care of EV training within the automotive industry.

For years we have been a professional specialist in the field of electric transport.

Electric transport is becoming increasingly important in our daily street image, to create a greater support for electric driving and to promote the transition to electric transport we have for the consumer ' ' The EV App ' ' and for automotive and Professionals "The EV training App" developed.

The EV App is a general info tool for all consumers and serves as simple and clear navigation tool in the fast and complex world of electric transport.

The EV training APP goes more extensively and deeper into the EV matter which is important and often randvoorwaardelijk for your sales and Service department.

Within your organization, the APP ensures that existing and newly acquired EV knowledge becomes easy to apply and is no longer lost in the hustle and bustle of all new developments around EV.

The EV training App can be set up to suit your needs and your house style.

Quickly obtaining and finding the right information and the most important developments in the field of electric transport are the basis for knowledge of things and making good choices.
We hope to create EV ambassadors, both within the consumer market and in the automotive industry, in order to stimulate the EV transition.

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Electric transport is in "current" acceleration

With short distances and densely populated Randstad, the Netherlands is a suitable place for the many applications of electric driving. At the moment there are about 180,000 electric vehicles in the Netherlands, of which there are about 140,000 passenger cars, and that number will only rise in the coming years. In 2025, the national government wants to see 1 million electric vehicles on the Dutch road. This ambitious objective has an aspirational effect on many initiatives and offers many new opportunities for businesses and jobs.

Electric driving is thus an important impulse for the economy, employment and supplying industry. E-Division supports visionary entrepreneurs. We see sustainability as an opportunity for you to innovate and to tap into new markets, resulting in economic growth, environmental gains and a sustainable image.

Our approach

Learning by doing; Acquired knowledge is directly linked to and interwoven in your operation. New skills are thus becoming more and more inspiring.

Because no company is equal, the program is created in consultation with you and the participants. Connecting to the work situation of the individual participants and your organisational culture is always a guiding principle for us.

Only you go faster but together we will continue

Working on communicative skills can only be in a safe atmosphere, we work from mutual trust and guarantee the privacy of your company and its participants.

We are your EV-division