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  Coaching will be tailored to the participants ' working practice by new or ongoing project, in order to achieve an optimal return. Each participating department starts with the EV knowledge test, to determine the current level of knowledge. The applications of the EV app's play a crucial role in making a solid... Read more


  E-Division offers various EV trainings and workshops to optimise EV skills in the field of commerce, communication and management, and to make EV ready. By combining our EV training with the use of the EV or EV training APP, the desired mix can be achieved between the... Read more

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  To excel in a fast and complex market like the EV market with its legislations, changing technologies, niches and other submarkets, the right information is crucial. CSR targets are under pressure and quickly become obsolete. To keep you and your customers well-groomed, E-Division is a different... Read more

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E-Division is a consultancy company that specialises in setting up and monitoring all EV activities within a (Dealer) organization or municipality, our primary focus is to provide specific EV training/Coaching within the Automotive industry.

For many years E-Division has been a trusted specialist in the field of Electric Vehicles. (EV)

Electric transportation is becoming increasingly important in our daily scene, to create a greater support for Electric Vehicles and to promote the transition to Electric transportation we developed a number of applications. For Consumers we developed ”The EV App” and for Automotive and Professionals we developed “The EV Trainings App”.

The EV App is a general infotool for all consumers and serves as a simple and lucid navigation tool to guide you through the expeditious and complex world of Electric transportation.

The EV Trainings APP targets more extensively the EV matters which are important and often vital for your Sales and Service units.

Within your organization, the APP ensures that existing and newly acquired EV knowledge becomes more accessible and easy to apply. This know-how will no longer get lost in the hustle and bustle of all new developments concerning Electric Transportation or due to your daily activities.

The EV training App can be set up to suit your needs and your house style.

Quickly finding and obtaining the essential information and main developments in the field of Electric transportation are the basis for making adviced choices.
Thus we hope to create EV ambassadors, for both the Consumer market and the Automotive industry, in order to sustain and stimulate the EV transition.

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